Web design trends to watch in 2018

Design trends to watch in 2018

Kenya is waking up to the world wide web and the great opportunities it holds for running online businesses. Even
the government has started increasing investment in information and communication technologies, and therefore it is time for entrepreneurs and business owners to capitalise on this.

The one error that can prove fatal with online businesses is out dated web design. Owners have a small window of
just a few seconds to catch the attention of their market. So what should websites or apps have in terms of design?

  1. Make it mobile friendly

People may or may not have a personal computer, but almost everyone has a mobile phone with internet, across all age groups and sections of society. So the first thing to do is to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. It needs to load fast and smoothly and be adaptive across different devices.

  1. Look into web apps

As more and more people are used to the simplicity and functionality of mobile apps, technology has modified itself
so web apps also feel similar to their mobile counterparts. This allows for the use of offline access, and push  notifications from webpages, which website owners will find beneficial in promoting their business and announcing offers etc.

  1. Make it adaptable, use Natural Language Processing

NLP as it is known is a way to improve computer and human interaction, think of it as a language translator.
Think of Siri, or Ok Google or other voice modalities. This allows for quicker searches even while driving or for the disabled to use more easily.

  1. Good Customer Service, Welcome Chatbots!

Rather than having someone sit and reply to queries on email, business owners can provide options on their website
only for customers to have their questions answered practically instantly by the use of Chatbots. This is also independent of time, so when a human customer support employee is asleep, the chatbot is still busy at work talking to late night visitors.

  1. Link it up

Facebook, twitter and so many other social media sites out there, and almost everyone is on them. Leverage it to
get the maximum benefit you can. Let your ads be seen by as many people as it can get out to. These sites can drive traffic to your website.


Ensure that the website has good security. It takes one bad review from a customer who got a virus or a worm
from the site to shut it down. The users need to be able to trust that their information is safe.

  1. Use actual photos and animation and whatever other tools there are

Avoid the use of stock pictures. That makes the website impersonal. Instead use actual pictures of good quality and
high resolution. Animation has made major strides in recent years. So use it! Engage the customers’ attention and entertain them. There are numerous tools out there that can give the webpage an edge over others in the same category, so do not be afraid to use them! Find a web design company that can provide you great web design services in Kenya!

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