How William Ruto Made Uhuru Kenyatta Fail to Secure a Loan, Ruto Ally Alleges

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Uhuru Kenyatta traveled to France a few days back for what was rumored to be a mission for a 180 billion shillings loan. The loan was meant for construction of Rironi-Mau Summit Road. However, the deal is reported to have stalled.

A close Ruto ally has now claimed that this was caused by what France sees as a political instability in the country, due to the poor relationship between Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy.

He further claims that what was signed between Uhuru kenyatta and the French government is just a framework agreement. It was noted that on his way back president Uhuru Kenyatta went to Egypt for a meeting with the president.

This revelation comes just a few days after the US issued conditions to African government officials to allow democracy in their countries or risk being sanctioned.

There seems to be a foreign effort trying to twist Uhuru’s hands into mending his relationship with his deputy. The deputy president must be enjoying every bit of this especially because of being pushed away from the ruling party.

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