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Applying to an Online Bachelor’s Program

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The admissions process varies from college to college and even from program to program. Readers should always conduct thorough research on each school’s admission requirements before applying.

Many on-campus and online programs require the same application materials and coursework. Below, readers can learn more about common admission requirements.

Common Admission Requirements

  • ACT OR SAT SCORESHigh school seniors and transfer students (depending on their age) may need to submit standardized test scores. Some colleges prefer one test over the other, while others accept scores from either. Adult learners can often take a placement test in lieu of a standardized test.
  • GED SCORESAlmost all colleges require that applicants possess a high school or GED diploma.
  • RECOMMENDATION LETTERSColleges often request 1-3 letters of recommendation from applicants. Teachers and employers commonly write these letters.
  • HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTSHigh school seniors and transfer students usually need to submit high school and/or college transcripts. Some adult learners may also need to supply transcripts. Applicants can request official transcripts by contacting a high school counseling office or college administrator.
  • GPA MINIMUMColleges may set a GPA minimum for all applicants. Specific programs may also set their own GPA cutoffs.
  • ESSAY/PERSONAL STATEMENTAn essay or personal statement allows applicants to explain why they want to attend a particular school. Colleges look for unique viewpoints that stand out from the crowd.


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