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Will I Be Able to Get a Job with an Online Degree?


When deciding to pursue an online degree, students wonder are online degrees respected by employers. Most students are interested in pursuing a degree in order to obtain a better position in an existing job, or get a new job. You don’t have to hide your online degree on your resume; more than three quarters of employers today believe that online degrees are credible. Employers often wonder how credible are online degrees. Online degrees that are offered by accredited colleges or universities are reputable and trusted. Employers do prefer online degrees from a well known and widely respected school. When considering online degrees, students should consider the best online degrees to get a job and future career. Business administration degrees are the best online degrees to get. There are a lot of choices in the type of business degree a student can get, which translates to employment options. This degree gives students a strong foundation in the operation of a business. There are concentrations in management, human resources, finance, and marketing. Students with this degree can expect jobs with a mid-range salary of $60,076. Other online degree options with a business background are accounting, human resources, project management, hospitality, and industrial and organizational psychology.

Are Online Degrees Cheaper than On-Campus Programs?

When students consider going to school, they look at many options and consider all their choices. One of the considerations students must make is online college vs traditional college cost. Many students don’t have access to unlimited funds and the cost of the degree plays an important role in the decision. Many students think that online degrees are cheaper than a traditional degree. That isn’t always the case. Online programs cost as much as traditional programs and in some cases charge a fee for distance learning. Some schools do offer lower tuition for an online degree over a traditional degree, but not all. While colleges and universities may not offer a decreased cost of tuition, there are other savings from choosing an online degree. The student does not have to pay any commuting costs, like gas, parking, and wear and tear on a car. Since students aren’t leaving their houses, they don’t have to pay for room and board, which is always costly. Typically, there are no books to purchase, which adds a hefty cost, since everything is available online. Some schools will allow students to take free courses online and will give credit for those classes.

How Quickly Can I Get an Online Degree?

Students lives are different today. They are often working, or taking care of a family. They need a degree program that is flexible and will help them achieve their goals quickly. They are looking for the fastest online degree completion programs. Accelerated degrees are a perfect way for students to gain the degrees they want faster. Getting an associates degree online fast allows students to meet the goal of a degree, potentially find meaningful employment, and allow them to continue to take steps to a higher degree and better career. An associates degree can be completed around one year with an accelerated program and a bachelor’s degree is possible in two years or less. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) states that about one million associate degrees were awarded within the years 2013 and 2014. Increased student enrollment in online associate degree programs shows the new desire in achieving degrees faster. The reality is students can receive an accredited online degree in half the time. Each program offers students different options, depending on the school. The student should make sure that whichever program they enter, it fulfills all of their needs.


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