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Dispelling Some Myths About Energy Companies


Dispelling Some Myths
We did some research not too long ago here at Love Energy Savings and we thought I only right to dispel some energy myths which really grind our gears. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to compare energy prices so be sure to take a look at these myths to ensure you aren’t wasting precious cash unneccesarily.

Firstly, no matter which domestic or commercial energy supplier you choose, you will never be left without gas or electricity. We were shocked to find out that lots of people in the UK are scared to compare energy prices and save cash because they thought they would have to be cut off. This will absolutely never happen as all providers share the same wires and cables. So if this is what has been holding you back from saving hundreds of pounds, get comparing!

Secondly, that energy comparison sites such as Love Energy Savings will charge you and therefore you wont make as much savings. This isn’t true. The prices you get here are the cheapest on the market and we will never take any money from you or increase your rates to make a commission. Our ethos is to save you money and make life easier. All you need to do is compare energy prices for free using our engine to see how much lower the prices we negotiate are, and these will never change!

Lastly, is the fact that the Big Six energy suppliers are always the prudent choice for your energy. Now they may well be. Despite a lot of the criticism they have been receiving of late and the inquiries by Ofgem and the CMA, they are still excellent companies and could provide the best solution for your business and/or home energy. However, there are all sorts of fantastic smaller, independent energy suppliers on the market these days, as you will see from the suppliers table above. They all offer their own little benefits but may not necessarily be right for you. You should keep an open mind and remember that to find the very best energy supplier for you, you can take advantage of our free comparison engine.

You can then take a look at their profile right here at Love Energy Savings to see what they offer and let our energy specialists take care of the whole process for you completely free of charge. Simple!


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