A quick guide 
In the US, the mortgage industry normally works quite different from how it works in different parts of the world. In the US, mortgage loans are normally treated as commercial paper meaning that the lenders are at freewill of lending them. This normally ends up being a circumstance where he mortgaged loans are bundled into securities in order from the investors to invest in.

Applying for mortgage Loan in the US
When applying for a mortgage especially in the US, one will have to typically deal with the underwriter. Normally, the majority of these underwriters works for the banks. Alternatively, one has a chance to choose from the brokerages. For the mortgage brokers, the loans are not provided directly from them but they have relationships with many lenders who may lend them. The following are some of the requirements needed:
• One should submit a to a credit check
• Verify one’s employment income
• Provide the purchase and sale agreement.
For some cases, there may be no requirement for the provision of all required information. There are some mortgages which are referred to as low doc or no doc as they may not necessarily require the statements that you make to the underwriter. These loans are usually expensive but they can be easier for one to acquire. Consecutively, one can opt to submit a preauthorization offer for any type of home you may need to buy. This would usually make the process to be a little bit faster.
Taking advantage of these competitive mortgage marketplace
If one is interested in acquiring real estate especially in the US, there is one thing which one should always put into consideration that is there is always a highly competitive mortgage market. The interest rates which are charged in the US are often similar to those found in European countries. It is therefore important for one to always shop around before making any purchase and settling on a particular lender.

Fixed vs variable Mortgage Rates
For the majority of loans in the US, fixed rate mortgages are offered. This normally means that one is locked into a single rate for the duration of the entire loan. As the interest rates may be dropping, then the refinance will be taking added advantage of that situation. Besides, one can opt for variable loans which are available as well but it is normally important if one can ensure all the terms and conditions for the offered mortgage are well understood.

Building on the equity
Once you have achieved in getting the mortgage which you have been looking for, there two different ways in which one can build the equity. One portion from each of the mortgage payments shall go towards the principal hence decreasing the amount being owed by the lender. Considerably, one can as well build on the equity if the value of home increases and from each of these cases, you are legible to access the money through special types of loans.


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