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Hustler nation: We will reach statehouse, DP Ruto is the fifth president in waiting


By Sam Terriz via FB

Dear all Hustlers & Ruto Generals,


While OUR road has been hard! While OUR journey has been long, A long the way….

We’ve been frustrated or discouraged. But for a period now, we’ve picked ourselves Up, we’ve fought our way back and put those things aside and placed our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress. Obstacles are not new to us & we’ve always overcome. Actually, God has had His way of turning those challenges to opportunities & blessings. Case studies;

In 1997 Polls Nyayo preferred Chesire over William Ruto but the latter ‘inexperienced’ politician won in with landslide on his first attempt ( He has never lost any elections since).

After 2002 polls, Moi wanted Biwott as the Kingpin of Rift Valley but God’s will triumphed.

In 2007 Tinga preferred Mudavadi as his deputy, fired Ruto and fixed him in ICC but God made Ruto Deputy President.

After 2017, Uhuru and his friends tried to fight, intimidate, soil his repute and betray him. In the end William Samoei Ruto has emerged more popular than him at his backyard and Countrywide.

Good people, Progress always comes with fixes and strides. Its not always a straight line, its not always a smooth path. The Enormity of the task that lays ahead comes with a lot of challenges. We will be tested, humiliated, abused, mocked but we must never give up.

Victory is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. So, Let us keep the spirit burning, let us keep pressing on, knocking more doors for him, reaching out to our neighbors & friends reminding them what’s at stake and surely Victory is ours.



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