At times, the mechanic, as well as the insurance companies, may have a dispute over the cost which is required for the vehicle to be repaired. Normally, the insurance company would tend to lower their expenses while the repair companies would increase their costs. For example, the insurance company may claim that all the repairs which are required for the vehicle to be fully fit should be $1500 while the repairing shop may quote up to $2500.
What if the insurance company ends up failing to pay the quoted price by the repair shop? How can one get the insurance company to accept the quoted price? In this article, we are going to explain everything to you in detail.

Why the auto insurance companies and repair shops normally fail to agree!
It is exclusively important no note that for the insurance companies as well as the repair shops to disagree regarding the cost of repairs, it is a normal thing.
Normally, the auto insurance company aims at paying the lowest amount possible based on the amount they are legally required to claim for the insured car. This, therefore, means that the insurance company will be pushing for the cheapest repairs possible on the vehicle while at the same time ensuring that the terms of your contract are not violated. This is most cases leads to the rise in dispute between the insurance company and the repair shops.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies and Repair Shops Disagree Over Cost?
The estimated prices on the vehicle repairs normally make the repairs shops to disagree with the insurance companies. This is simply because of the fact that the process required for repair is normally complex. In some cases there are some damages which might have occurred even prior to the insurance of that particular incident and the insurance company may not be legally mandated to repair that vehicle without repairing the previous damage.
Some of the reasons for disagreement include:

When part of the damaged parts is fixable or whole replacement is needed.
In most instances, the insurance company would stipulate that part of the vehicle can literally be fixed while the repair shop may be adamant as if they insist that they should be replaced which forms the source of the dispute.

The nature of the part to be replaced.
Some of the insurance companies may as well be adamant when it comes to paying the replaced parts which are not from the original manufacturer. Instead, they may encourage the repair shops to acquire cheaper versions of the same parts.

The time taken for repairs
The repair shops may begin claiming that for the car to be correctly fixed, it would take up to four hours and the insurance company may disagree with that claiming that the part to be fixed is small and would only take a maximum of two hours. This would end up causing a rise in dispute regarding the labor hours the insurance company is mandated to pay.

The rates to pay for labor
From the figures from the insurance company, they may have defined the costs per hour for the given vehicle to be repaired. Some of the estimated durations may cause mismatch since the repairs may exceed the stipulated costs.

Other disagreements
At the time, the repair shops may engage in making mistakes when repairing. For example, it may be repairing something which is not intended. In other instances, the insurance company may end up refusing to cover what it is not legally mandated to cover. These mistakes were caused by the omission may lead to a rise in dispute between th


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