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Teacher in Trouble with Ministry Officials over 20-Kilometre Daily Walk Story


A teacher who made headlines on Tuesday is in trouble with ministry officials over her 20 kilometre trek story.

Mrs Magdalene Kimani, the Sosiana High School principal, told the Nation that she makes the daily trip to deliver KCSE exams to her 18 candidates.

The daily estimated that by the end of the national examinations, the school head will have trekked for 320 kilometres, equivalent of a journey from Bungoma to Nairobi.

Mrs Kimani whose story has gone viral has been asked to record a statement with the ministry.

She was apparently not authorized to speak to journalists nor allow them to accompany her on the walk.

Ministry officials who spoke to the daily disputed the 20 kilometre trek. Instead, they said Mrs Kimani walks for approximately 9 kilometres.

Trans Mara East Sub-county Director of Education Steve Gachie complained that the story had caused problems with his seniors.

His bosses demanded that he finds out if indeed Mrs Kimani makes the claimed trip daily.

“What you are doing is not right. She will have to write her report. She will have to explain her 20-kilometre trek from the point of where the vehicle drops her. No one has a right to speak on behalf of the ministry. The only person who has a right is the County Director of Education,” Mr Gachie told the daily.

He added: ““You people have made me go through a lot of hell. Now I’m being asked if she walks for 20 kilometres. You are exaggerating; it’s not 20 kilometres and you just want to get news. Again, that is not the way we work. You should have verified with the office how long she treks. She does nine kilometres.”

To certify just how far the teacher walks, Mr Gachie said he will make the trip today.

According to him, she walks at least 5 kilometres and not the 20 kilometres as claimed.

The daily accompanied Mrs Kimani on one of her trips on Friday last week.


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