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Top 7 Best Credit Cards for Rental Car Insurance Coverage 2019


The following comprises of the best credit cards that can cover a rental car in 2019.
i. The Chase Sapphire Credit card-This type of credit card is among the best rental insurance across the United States. The Sapphire Credit holds the advantage among others in that it offers primary rental car insurance coverage. In addition, there are no limitations and restrictions from countries regarding any of chase cards.
ii. Chase Sapphire Reserve: This card basically has some of the best advantages just like the preferred card as there are no country restrictions regarding the use of insurance card.
iii. United  Mileage Plus Explorer: These type of credit card basically offers you primary rental car insurance which means that one can avoid seeking claims when something goes wrong especially on your car insurance.
iv. United mileage Club: This credit card normally works just like how the Explorer cards work. The card provides for insurance of all rental vehicles.
v. United Mileage Plus Club: This insurance card works the same way as the explorer cards do as all the vehicle from the rental is insured.
vi. Ritz Carlton Visa Infinite credit card: The primary function of this card is to offer rental car insurance and it allows one to fully enjoy full rental car protection even without holding onto your ordinary car policy.
vii. J.P Morgan Reserve card: Just as how the above five cards, the J.B Morgan Reserve offers rental car insurance as it allows claims to be done on the ordinary car policy.

What you need to know concerning Car Insurance and Credit Cards
Even before considering to decline the car rental insurance, it is always important for one to read the fine print of your card insurance policy. The following are some of the terms which may affect the cardholder:
• Typically, the rental car insurance simply covers nothing but physical damage which may occur unexpectedly on the rental car either by theft, collision or even personal injury.
• All the items which may have been in the stolen car which was insured will not be part of the cover.
• Consequently, there are some countries which the rental car insurance may be limited to. Those include Jamaica, New Zealand, and Israel among others.


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